Driving Transformation

It’s easy to devise impressive strategies for governments and businesses to spur transformative growth. But unless those plans are turned into action and action into results, they remain plans. PEMANDU Associates is a consulting firm focused on socio-economic transformation, business turnaround and digital marketing and design.

The firm has helped governments and businesses alike deliver their respective national and business objectives through a collaborative approach with our clients from strategic alignment all the way down to rigorous implementation. And armed with an arsenal of tools tailored to each client’s needs and a team whose collective expertise spans from policy execution to digital transformation, we are constantly driven to deliver tangible and meaningful results.

Transformation that impacts the doing and the being

Real transformation involves a fundamental change in the way an organisation does business (‘Doing’) as well as the character of the organisation (‘Being’). If this sounds far-fetched, we’ve developed methodologies around the two facets of transformation. These are the bedrock of all of our engagements – be it for governments or corporations.

Our Transformation Footprint