Woody Ang

Executive Vice President & Partner

Woody brings over 12 years of consulting experience. With expertise in Tourism, Governance and Human Capital Management, he has served clients in both the private and public sectors. He played pivotal leadership roles in various transformation programmes conducted in Malaysia, Tanzania, South Africa, Oman and India, which enables him to adapt transformational approaches to different cultural and government systems.

Woody’s role in Oman’s National Program for Enhancing Economic Diversification (Tanfeedh) included the operational setup and developing the initial foundation of the Implementation Support & Follow-up Unit (ISFU) under the Diwan of Royal Courts. In this capacity, served both as the initial operational lead as well as an advisor to the Chairman, positioning him well to support the setting up or diagnosis of any Government’s Delivery Units.

His experience in Tourism includes the facilitation of public-private partnership projects, inter-agency and organisation coordination, national representation in regional inter-governmental efforts, marketing and product development, and also policy advisory. Woody also possesses extensive experience applying PEMANDU Associates’ Big Fast Results (BFR) Methodology – 8 Steps of Transformation © in pragmatically resolving sectoral issues in Energy, Mining, Marine Governance, Rural Utilities and Export Facilitation.

Prior to PEMANDU Associates, Woody provided Human Capital Management consultancy and was involved in the design and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for a variety of private sector clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Woody has made his mark as a pragmatic, action-oriented leader with multi-country on-ground experience in the implementation of socio-economic and business transformation.

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