Reinier Starink

Executive Vice President

Reinier has worked over 30 years in a plethora of settings – from large companies such as Shell and ABB to boutique consultancies in Portugal, the Netherlands and Malaysia. His professional exposure started in the field of Human Resources, and gradually evolved into business consultancy practices.

Throughout his career, he has worked in approximately 50 countries mainly focusing on strategic objectives (planning), focused result workshops/labs (implementation) and leadership themes (personal leadership and leadership in the context of businesses).

Reinier led the development of the PEMANDU Associates Learning Academy – the firm’s training arm and currently spearheads business development activities in Europe.

He is an associated professor with ISCTE university in Lisbon, Portugal in the field of effective communication skills. He enjoys working with large crowds, blending analytical focus with thought-provoking experiential designs of learning events.

Reiner began a career in human resources, which eventually evolved into business consultancy; bringing in nearly three decades of experience from his experience in both large multi-nationals and boutique consultancies across the globe.

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