Dr Sarinder Kumari

Executive Vice President & Partner

Sarinder has over 30 years of experience in policy and strategic planning, trade negotiations and regulatory and Government affairs. Previously, she served various portfolios with the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia (MITI) and the Performance and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) under the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department. Currently she is responsible for business development activities focusing on public sector transformation and business turnarounds in PEMANDU Associates.

During her tenure with MOF, her responsibilities included raising Federal Government loans from the international capital and bond markets, Federal Government debt management and negotiations in privatisation projects including negotiations of the concession agreements.

She broke ground in MITI as the lead negotiator for Services for Malaysia’s first Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) – the Malaysia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. Her portfolio also included the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and Strategic Planning and FTAs.

With a track record as a groundbreaker in various public sector roles, Sarinder is well versed in ensuring that policies and strategies are effectively translated for implementation with rigorous performance tracking and monitoring to ensure lasting and sustainable impact.

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In PEMANDU, Sarinder set the strategic direction for the implementation of initiatives in the Tourism Sector under the Malaysian National Transformation Programme (NTP). She also oversaw the Strategic Reform Initiatives encompassing the implementation of the Competition Act, Adoption and Development of International Standards and the Liberalisation of the Services Sector. Additionally, she developed the performance assessment and management system for Ministerial performance assessments during this period.