Our Services

We work with clients across a range of different sectors and policy areas to support their transformational strategy, implementation and communication needs. Anchored by our Big Fast Results (BFR) Methodology – 8 Steps of Transformation, we address challenges across the transformation lifecycle, from strategy through to delivery, and operate at all levels across our clients’ organisations.

Learn more about our services and the Global Transformation Forum – the world’s singular platform where influential, global leaders engage and share experiences as well best practices on driving and delivering transformation.


Transforming ideas into reality

PEMANDU Associates has applied its 8-step methodology to assist governments around the world in effecting transformative changes since 2010.

We have worked with governments in Malaysia, South Africa, Tanzania, Oman and India to bring their visions to implementation-ready status, set up and operationalise dedicated Delivery Units to deliver results, as well as communicate these results to the wider public.


Telling stories that matter

Alone, bamboo straws aren’t all that impressive. But used properly, they can reduce oceanic waste and help build schools in rural China. In the same way, every government and organisation has a transformation story waiting to be told. These are the stories that matter. And these are the stories we can help you tell.

COMMUNICATE is the communications arm of PEMANDU Associates which provide end-to-end communications solutions for clients in the public and private sector.

We offer strategy and implementation expertise across the full communications spectrum – strategic communications, public relations, digital and social strategies and creative strategies – each programme designed to fit your organisational needs.


Building capacity to deliver results

In one of the oldest business arguments in the world: A Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) were discussing the need to train their employees. The CFO asks, “What happens if we train them and they leave?” The CEO responds, “What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

The Learning Academy is PEMANDU Associates’ training unit. Drawing from our unique experiences around the globe, our interactive workshops are designed to transform your individual and organisational capabilities to deliver big results.


Finding your edge

PEMANDU’s transformation methodology has been applied to private sector companies in the education sector, land authorities as well as national infrastructure projects among others.

With projects ranging from the development of business turnaround programmes to the full set up of a strategic communications unit, we have successfully transformed companies to be at their highest potential.


Delivering, inspiring

Innovation and change do not just happen overnight

Global leaders, senior policymakers, captains of industry, sporting icons and members of civil society come together in the same room at the prestigious Global Transformation Forum (GTF) to share experiences and best practices on how to drive transformation.