Executive Vice President

Azree brings with him over a decade of experience in public policy design, strategy development, implementation, business transformation, stakeholder management and performance management. He has served clients in Malaysia and abroad in both public and private sectors across the airport management sector, and the automotive, airlines, utilities, and plantations industries.

He was previously involved in the development of initiatives under the Fighting-Corruption and Wholesale and Retail-related initiatives under the Malaysian National Transformation Programme (NTP).

Azree’s vast experience in serving private and public sector clients at various levels have loaned him the invaluable insight required to spearhead training and upskilling sessions for the firm and high-calibre professionals from other organisations.

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Azree also led multiple engagements and projects on behalf of PEMANDU in South Asia which involved assisting several state governments in developing public policy strategies for key socio-economic sectors such as water, education, retail, governance and urban development. These engagements involved high-level facilitation and problem solving sessions between government leadership, private sector stakeholders and foreign investors to ensure their implementation.

Currently, Azree is the Managing Director of PEMANDU Associates’ Learning Academy, aimed at developing a cadre of highly trained and experienced pool of consultants in the firm. The Academy also holds upskilling sessions for various private sector entities. He also serves as an Executive Committee member of the Football Association of Selangor.